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Chimney’s take a beating from the extreme climate in Vancouver, but having your chimney repaired or maintained is a painless process. Heavy rain and snow in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer months, gradually wear down the joints of mortar between the bricks. Over time, the mortar loses its strength and weakens considerably. When this happens, the bricks can become unstable. At this point, it is time to consider which route to take:- either repoint or rebuild. Often repointing is not a option because once the mortar between the bricks has become loose, repointing will only rectify the problem in the short term and eventually you will need to rebuild.

When old roofs start to fail they often don’t give you much warning. Slow persistent leaks can cause more damage than you can see. This is especially true if underlayment was not installed with the original roof. The water ingress can slowly rot the plywood and worse, rot the structure of the frame. It is best not leave your re-roof until the very last minute to avoid adding to the cost of an already expensive project.

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