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White Mountain Roofing Solutions: Unfortunately in Vancouver BC Roof Repairs are very common. Whether your roof is just old or even worse your new roof installation has failed, there is always that unwanted burden of getting the work corrected or fixed to keep you dry. A peace of mind in knowing that your roof is working well and there will be no problems for years to come, is very important. Lets face it, British Columbia’s weather can be harsh and you need a roof that is 100% water tight. A well maintained and cared for roof can extend the life and increase the value of your home. White Mountain Roofing Solutions offers competitive rates and ethical advice for Vancouver BC Roof Repairs.

If your roof or gutters are damaged,
don’t hesitate, call us today!

Roofing Repair
Siding Repair
Chimney Repair
Gutter & Eaves Repair
Routine Maintenance Services
Emergency Roofing Repairs
Temporary Roofing Repairs

Roof Repairs:

Debris on the ground from broken shingles, tiles etc, could indicate that there may be a problem. If you have missing shingles from stormy weather or a fallen tree branch, It is best to get your roof checked for peace of mind. Leaks can be slow to start so you may not even know you have one.
We have the knowledge and skills to get you a repair in place, temporary or permanent depending what time of day you have called us out.

Chimney Repair:

We specialize in chimney repair work. As the highest point of your property, Chimneys suffer exposure to the worst of weather. We deliver chimney repairs for all types of properties. We deal with worn flashings, damaged brickwork, Leaks and other issues such as repointing and Pot and Crown installation.

Roofing Product & Material Suppliers